TOTeM 38, also entitled Gas Analysis Workshop 2013, was organised in the context of the FP7 EU funded project - “Biofuels Research Infrastructure for Sharing Knowledge” – BRISK.

The objective of the meeting was twofold:

  • To present the state of the art in measurement techniques (sampling and analysis) for tar and organic sulphur compounds in raw gas outlets from gasifiers
  • To launch the BRISK programme to perform round robin testing of existing techniques

The TOTeM was accommodated as a 1-day event within the 21st European Biomass Conference and Exhibition (EBCE21) held in Copenhagen during June 3-7 2013. Some 50 delegates attended.

The BRISK partners’ primary interest is in raw gas outlets from gasifiers.  The meeting was promoted to a broad range of organisations involved with sampling and analysis of tars and sulphur compounds in hot gas streams. 

Along with copies of the presentations made during the TOTeM, users may find here the TOTeM programme, the delegate list and the introductory comments as well as the meeting conclusions.