Meet the Team
          • Mohamed Pourkashanian

            General Secretary

          • Professor Pourkashanian is the General Secretary of IFRF, Head of Energy-2050 at the University of Sheffield, and is the Executive Director of PACT UK. He holds a chair in Energy Engineering and has completed numerous major research projects on clean energy technology and received a substantial sum of grants from EPSRC, EU, NATO, and industry.

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          • Philip Sharman

            IFRF Director

          • Philip has been part-time Director of IFRF since January 2017, when IFRF relocated from Italy to the UK.  He also undertakes a number of non-executive and consultancy activities in the broad area of combustion and carbon capture & storage (CCS) as well as being a member of a wide variety of advisory committees for various combustion-related initiatives.  He is currently an Honorary Professor of the University of Nottingham and a Visiting Professor at the University of Sheffield.

            Establishing Evenlode Associates Ltd in 2011, Philip has been involved in a broad range of low-carbon energy technology activities for various public and private sector organisations.  Prior to this, he was Director of Technology External Affairs for Alstom Power, where his focus was to develop stronger linkages with governments, research organisations and technology providers worldwide, creating opportunities for Alstom’s power businesses.

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          • Greg Kelsall

            Deputy Director

          • Greg has over 30-years’ experience in the energy industry with specialist knowledge in clean energy systems.  He is Principal Associate to the IEA Clean Coal Centre and Visiting Professor in Low Carbon Energy Systems at the University of Sheffield. His industrial experience includes fuel flexible gas turbines, CCS, fuel cells and renewables.

            Greg says “I have masters degree in Chemical Engineering and am the son of an underground colliery fitter.  So overall, I believe I have a firm grounding in the more traditional topic areas of the IFRF, but with the skill-set and knowledge to encompass the exciting new areas of alternative fuels such as hydrogen, waste and biomass, together with fuel conversion technologies such as fuel cells”

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          • Patrick Lavery

            Combustion Industry News Editor

          • Patrick is an experienced asset management consultant, environmental engineer, technical writer and economist with 15 years’ experience across the water, power, defence, urban development and transport sectors. Patrick is IFRF’s Combustion Industry News Analyst and also writes for the IFRF Blog. Prior to this Patrick was a student with IFRF under the EuroFlam Programme.

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          • Rachel Chai

            Admin Support

          • Rachel has worked in the charity sector for 15 years as Operations Manager. Before that she was Office and Finance Manager for a number of SMEs.

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