• World Energy Council report urges support for industrial transition to hydrogen as first step to broader change

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      Patrick Lavery

      Combustion Industry News Editor

The World Energy Council has published a report, Hydrogen – industry as a catalyst, accelerating the decarbonisation of our economy to and post 2030, which recommends that development of an industrial hydrogen economy be pursued as a priority. The reasoning is twofold: a), hydrogen offers a means to transition to low/zero carbon dioxide emissions in cases where processes can’t be electrified, and b) industry is the easiest part of the economy to convert to hydrogen, and other parts of the economy can then follow, building from the industrial sector. Contributing to industry being relatively easier to convert to hydrogen is that there are fewer stakeholders involved, that industry is already the heaviest user of H2, and that industry has the capacity to use hydrogen at a scale that would reduce the cost of its production. To support the development of an industrial hydrogen economy, the report recommends that governments should support research and development and pilot projects, reconsider regulatory frameworks, and impose quotas on the use of ‘green’ H2 for some applications.