• SINTEF blog considers impurities in carbon dioxide streams from different combustion processes

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      Patrick Lavery

      Combustion Industry News Editor

SINTEF, one of Europe’s largest research organisations, has published a blog post about the impurities found in concentrated CO2 streams captured from pre- and post-combustion gas mixtures. Under the assumptions that SINTEF researchers used when predicting impurities, the least pure CO2 stream would come from natural gas processing with amine-based absorption, with the most pure coming from a coal-fired power plant with either ammonia or amine-based absorption. The types of impurities varies depending on the case, with N2 always being present, CO and O2 usually being present, and NOx and SOx often being present, and H2S, hydrogen, methane, ammonia and amines, as well as carbon radicals sometimes being present. Such findings are important, as they will inform decisions not only about the choice of combustion and capture systems, but also of transport systems.