• Siemens offer of supervisory board seat turned down by German climate activist

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      Patrick Lavery

      Combustion Industry News Editor

Siemens has attracted media attention for its offer of a seat on its supervisory board on its upcoming new separate energy business to Luisa Neubauer, a 23 year-old German climate change activist associated with the Greta Thunberg-inspired Fridays For Future movement. Ms Neubauer has been a vocal critic of Siemens contract with Indian mining company Adani, the miner having gained approval to build a vast new coal mine in Queensland, Australia – Siemens is to supply rail infrastructure for the project. The offer of the seat was refused by Ms Neubauer, who said that she would instead “keep urging Siemens to rise up to their responsibility and to withdraw from the Adani case. The world is on fire and all are asked to act accordingly.” Siemens chief executive Joe Kaeser has previously said that young climate activists “deserve recognition and support”, though he has tempered that by adding ““neither childish rants nor the systems of interests that are behind them will bring about the required transformation.” Somewhat curiously, Mr Kaeser has said that he has not been aware of concerns regarding Adani’s Queensland coal mine, though the matter has received coverage not only in Australia but also internationally.