• Dr Dave Abbott – ‘Changing fuel gas composition: combustion challenges for gas turbine operators’

  • Publication date:

    September 2018


Dr Abbott received a degree in in Chemical Engineering & Fuel Technology and a Doctorate in Combustion Acoustics from Sheffield University.  He has over 40 years of experience in the fields of combustion and acoustics.  He has specialised in gas turbine combustion for over 20 years and has performed a wide range of activities including  research, development and design roles for a major manufacturer (ALSTOM) and development, troubleshooting and operational support roles for a major utility gas turbine operator (E.ON, now Uniper). He is also a Visiting Fellow at Cranfield University specialising in combustion acoustics.

He has a particular interest in the impact of fuel composition and quality on all aspects of gas turbine combustion particularly, combustion dynamics, emissions, integrity and operability.