• RJM appoints Taiwan Wolmo as agent in Taiwan

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      Lucy Straker

      IFRF Administration & Communication Coordinator

RJM International has appointed Taiwan Wolmo Inc. as its representative agent to target new business opportunities throughout Taiwan

RJM International, the award-winning provider of innovative emissions reduction technology and combustion improvement equipment to the power generation and large industrial plant sectors worldwide, announces today that it has appointed Taiwan Wolmo Inc., www.wolmo.com, to act as its agent to secure additional emissions reduction and combustion optimisation projects for RJM in Taiwan.

Taiwan Wolmo Inc. was established in 1984 and concentrates on the promotion of advanced technology and equipment for recycling waste oils and other, oil-related, energy-saving technologies.

In its core business, Taiwan Wolmo designs and manufactures four key products focused on oil treatment, oil processing and tank cleaning. It also works closely with the leading oil pollution and prevention manufacturers in advanced nations such as Australia, Canada, Sweden, the UK and the USA. Its main markets include Taiwan, mainland China, the Middle East and other countries within South East Asia.

With this new representative agency agreement with RJM, Taiwan Wolmo will promote RJM’s innovative range of emissions reduction and combustion improvement technologies to its Taiwanese customer-base in the fuel refining and power generation sectors, including the Formosa Plastics Group (FPG) and the Taiwan Power Company (TPC).

Commenting on the new agency agreement, John Goldring, Managing Director of RJM International said, “This agency agreement in Taiwan further reinforces our commitment to focus more effectively on new business opportunities across South East Asia. It marks our latest key move in the region, following on from us opening a regional office in Singapore in February 2018 and building up our sales agent network in Indonesia, the Philippines and China.

“With the Environmental Protection Agency now committed to tighten air quality standards in Taiwan, basing the new thresholds on WHO Air Quality Guidelines, RJM is very well-placed to support this transition to lower emissions, working in partnership with Taiwan Wolmo,” he confirmed.

Wells Chang, Managing Director of Wolmo added, “We are very pleased to be able to represent RJM in the Taiwanese market as we have a shared philosophy that focuses on innovation and technology.

“We also recognise that RJM has delivered exceptional results for its customers across a wide range of fuel types, firing configurations and boiler designs, so we are confident that we can replicate this success in the Taiwanese thermal-fired market.”