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      Lucy Straker

      IFRF Administration & Communication Coordinator

Photo by Tatiana from Pexels

The programme and speakers have been announced for the 12th European Conference on Industrial Furnaces and Boilers (INFUB-12) which is to be held in Portugal on 14th to 17th April.

Congratulations to several IFRF members whose papers are to be presented at the event including RJM International, Chalmers University, RWTH Aachen University, ArcelorMittal, GWI, the University of Pisa and Sumitomo SHI FW, to name a few.

There will also be a keynote lecture from Edgardo Coda Zabetta, Sumitomo SHI FW on ‘Challenges and development needs in fluidized bed technology’ alongside another five other keynote lectures during the event.

The main objective of the Conference is to provide an improved up-to-date understanding of the fundamentals, principles and practices associated with the design and operation of industrial furnaces and boilers and, from a broader perspective, of industrial systems and processes generating, transforming or using thermal energy from combustion.

The Conference will be a means of disseminating information concerned with recent research and development activities in the field of furnace and boiler technology and related areas, such as process and combustion control, efficiency optimisation of high-temperature energy application, and reduction of pollutant emissions.

The early bird registration deadline for INFUB-12 is 28th February.

Full details about the programme and registration can be found here.