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      Philip Sharman

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For those that enjoyed – or were baffled by – our ‘film buff’ (or should that be ‘Biff’!) quiz in Philip’s blog post in the last MNM (10th December), there were 18 clues buried in the text:

  1. Lucy McFly (Marty McFly, the teenage hero of B2TF)
  2. DeLorean DMC-12 (Dr Emmett “Doc” Brown’s time-travelling car)
  3. US dance hall in 1955 (setting for Marty’s romantic encounter with his mother – it’s complicated…!)
  4. 21st October 2015 (the date that Doc tells Marty and his girlfriend Jennifer that they must travel to in the future to fix a problem caused by their kids)
  5. Doc Mohamed Pourkashanian (“Doc” is the nickname of Dr Emmett Brown, inventor of the modified DMC-12)
  6. Marty Billson (Marty McFly, again)
  7. bullet-proof (as in the bullet-proof vest that Doc wears to survive being shot by the terrorists)
  8. a lightning bolt (with no plutonium available back in 1955, the source of energy for the modified DMC-12 used to travel back to 1985)
  9. … it would johnny be goode to apply… (an allusion to ‘Johnny B. Goode’, the 1958 Chuck Berry rock n’ roll hit that features in B2TF
  10. … flexible and s Yes, this is a …  (a tricky one – Marty, again)
  11. the power of love (1985 hit by Huey Lewis and the News which Marty and his band play in the Battle of the Bands audition. B. Lewis himself appears as the character judging the audition and tells Marty’s band thea they are “just too darn loud!”
  12. 21GW (the power requirement of the modified DMC-12 for time travelling)
  13. plutonium (the usual energy source for the modified DMC-12)
  14. the clocktower (the Courthouse’s clocktower is where Marty is told to go by Doc to be struck by lightning and return to 1985)
  15. Spielberg (Steven Spielberg was B2TF’s Executive Producer)
  16. hoverboard (Marty’s replacement for his 1985 skateboard when he travels to the future of 2015)
  17. burning wheel tracks (the B2TF advertisement image)
  18. Where we’re going, we don’t need roads… (what Doc says to Marty when Marty questions the length of road ahead of them to get up to 88mph when they time-travel to 2015)

How many did you get?