• IFRF’s future ‘home’ – TERC – construction well underway!

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      Philip Sharman

      IFRF Director

As you may recall, the University of Sheffield is building a brand new £21 million ‘Translational Energy Research Centre’ (TERC) which will be the future home of IFRF from later this year.

I have been watching progress of the ‘build’ over the last couple of weeks as the foundations were completed and the building’s steelwork errection commenced.  As the photos below show, its amazing what difference two weeks (and a bit of sunshine) makes…!

Here is the scene on 12th February (in between torrential rainstorms)…

… and here is the scene a few days ago.

I am now much more confident about IFRF being ‘in’ by late summer!

An artist’s impression of the new Translational Energy Research Centre