• General Assembly of IFRF Comité Français

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      Sébastien Caillat

On 19th November 2020, the General Assembly of IFRF Comité Français was held virtually at Engie test facilities in Stains, north of Paris. The technical presentations, available on request, were on the following:

  • “Measurement of wall temperatures by luminophore thermography applied to combustion” by Clément Mirat (CNRS EM2C & IMFT)
  • “Presentation of the national strategy for the development of decarbonated hydrogen” by Tudor Floréa (French Ministry of Ecological Transition, Directorate General for Energy and Climate, Mission hydrogen and energy storage sectors)
  • “Launch of the VERCANE project: decarbonation of glass melting furnaces“ by Ludovic Ferrand (ENGIE, Fives Stein)

The exchanges were followed by a 45 minutes virtual visit of ENGIE Lab CRIGEN brand new facilities, despite the absence of the usual convivial meals and breaks, all 29 participants were delighted by this tour. Next meeting will take place May 27th or June 3rd, 2021