• MOF Technologies aiming to revolutionise carbon capture with low-cost modular solution

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      Patrick Lavery

      Combustion Industry News Editor

Belfast-based MOF Technologies, a spin-off from work originally conducted at Queen’s University Belfast, has developed a new modular carbon capture system which it claims can capture CO2 for a price of as low as £13 (€15.6/$US17) per tonne. The Nuada technology uses metal-organic framework-based filters combined with vacuum pressure swing adsorption technology, resulting in as much as 80% less energy in capturing CO2 molecules, contributing to the lower overall cost.

MOF Technologies is hoping that Nuada can ‘revolutionise the world of carbon capture’, displacing amine solvent-based capture technology, and if the capture costs turn out to be very low at full scale, it will be welcome across industry. An in-field pilot plant is the immediate next step for the company, which has partners including ArcelorMittal, Johnson Matthey, and Cemex.