• Mitsubishi Heavy Industries trialling lower-cost small-scale standardised carbon capture unit

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      Patrick Lavery

      Combustion Industry News Editor

Nikkei Asia has reported that Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is trialling a standard-sized module for capturing carbon dioxide from small-scale facilities. Most carbon capture installations to date have been custom-build for each large-scale facility they have been applied to, but Mitsubishi sees potential a) in serving smaller industry and b) doing so in a standardised way that will reduce costs. It is a savvy strategic move by Mitsubishi, which already commands 70% of the market for carbon capture equipment. The current trial is of a unit that will capture 100 tonnes (it is unclear from the report if these are metric or imperial, but one would guess metric, given that Japan uses the metric system) per day of CO2, but the company plans to commercialise a unit that will capture 500 tonnes/day by 2023. It also aims to drive capture costs down by around 50% by 2035. Small-scale capture facilities suggest the need for carbon dioxide utilities in industrial areas that perform the transport and storage part of CCS, and Mitsubishi’s pioneering in the capture side may encourage more growth in the utility side.