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TU Delft is a state university and is the oldest (1842) TU in The Netherlands. TU Delft is characterized by cutting edge research, providing first class education. With ~13,000 students and 2,100 academic staff TU Delft is the largest TU in The Netherlands. The research yearly results in about 185 PhD theses and >4,000 journal publications.

The ET (Energy Technology) section, part of the faculty 3mE and the department Process & Energy has more than 12 years experience in fuel characterization, modeling and validating atmospheric/pressurized (C)FB gasification of several fuels. Hot gas cleaning has been studied for decades along with solid fuel combustion.

A range of analytical and gas/solid characterization equipment is available. Fuel cells are studied and experimental work on gas cleaning and gas upgrading for SOFC fuel cell coupled to biomass gasification has been done in EU FP6 project Biocellus. System studies of thermal power units are performed. Fuel cell research started last decade. Currently, the section develops a 20 kW SOFC stack, fuel cell models and performs integral gasifier-SOFC testing.

Research facilities include electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, CFD, and Cycle Tempo, an in-house code for system studies.

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Name/Number Location Operating Pressure Orientation
BRISK 16.1 Flameless Oxydation Furnace Netherlands the ATMOSPHERIC HORIZONTAL
BRISK 16.2 Gasification and clean up Netherlands the ATMOSPHERIC VERTICAL
BRISK 16.3 Fuel Cell and Gas Cleaning test stations Netherlands the ATMOSPHERIC HORIZONTAL