• MACH1®, the new system to reduce NOx in single ended radiant tubes – Horst Graf von Schweinitz, Econova GmbH

  • Publication date:

    February 2020


Typically, a SER (Single- Ended- Radiant- tube) is equipped with a recuperative burner. Those burners are operating with an integrated heat exchanger to recover the energy out of the exhaust gas. The thermal efficiency is in the range of 60 to 80%. Econova invented the system so called Mach1®. This solution can be used for the whole range of process temperatures. Econova invented a new design of burner head to meet flame output speed in a range of 200 to 250 m/s or higher. Due to the high velocity the flame sucks a huge amount of produced exhaust gas into the core of reaction zone. This creates a temperature frame to meet the needed process temperature and it is low enough to avoid NOx- production at the same time.

Mach1® needs a special procedure to start the cold furnace, because the burner is not able to be ignited at cold condition. Econova is using the full flow of air but is limiting the flow of gas. When the process temperature is reaching 200 to 500 °C the system can be switched to full power. A start sequence for industrial purposes is seldom, so this procedure has a minor effect in operating such a furnace. There is no limit while the furnace is in production. This is the most important benefit of the Mach1® system compared to the limits of the flameless oxidation.

At present with Mach1®, NOx- values in the range of 105 to 115 mg based on 3% O2 in dry exhaust gas are realistic for the whole furnace.