• Section 7: Development of the HEC Programme for the Full Range of IFRF Industrial Sectors


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This Topic Oriented Technical Meeting - TOTeM - is one of a series in which we devoted entirely to presenting and discussing the Flameless Combustion work of the IFRF Research Station. 
TOTeM24, "Challenges in the Development of the IFRF High Efficiency Combustion Programme - The Excess Enthalpy Combustion project"  offers an important opportunity for IFRF Members to:
  • improve awareness of the techniques, origins and benefits of Flameless Combustion, which has already offered significant improvements in furnace efficiency and substantially reduced NOx emissions in the metallurgical sector
  • receive a complete overview of the Japanese Government funded work the IFRF undertook during the 1990's on Flameless Combustion
  • monitor and influence the current IFRF HEC (High Efficiency Combustion) project, which is extending the IFRF's studies on Flameless Combustion, and is paid for from IFRF Members' own funds leveraged with cofunding by private and government sponsors in the Netherlands.
  • directly influence the future research programmes of the IFRF on this topic through consideration of the extension of Flameless Combustion studies into other industry sectors and processes.

TOTeM24 started with a Keynote Presentation given by Toshiaki Hasegawa on “The Development of High Temperature Air Combustion in the field of regenerative combustion with minimum environmental impact”. 

This is followed by the presentation of Prof. Roman Weber on "Development of the IFRF Research Programme – from Scaling 400 to the Present Day" giving an overview of the historical background to the work of the Research Station regarding flameless combustion. Presentations made by Peter Hoppesteyn and Willem van de Kamp described the objectives of the current HEC research programme and the commissioning work of the HEC furnace.

The afternoon session was devoted to a facility visit and finally the presentation of Prof. Hartmut Spliethoff, our Deputy Superintendent of Research, exploring the possibility of having this technology applied to a wide range of industrial sectors.




Dr. Neil Fricker
TOTeM24 Chairman
University of Glamourgan
March 2003