• Partitioning of Toxic Metals During Sewage Sludge and Coal Co-Firing – Cenni

  • Authors: Roberta Cenni


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58 people registered for the TOTeM, covering 15 countries. There was a strong
academic contingent, but there were 18 participants from industry or from industrial
laboratories. The TOTeM started with a very successful social evening with buffet
dinner to "break the ice".

The meeting opened with a short presentation from the Chairman, Prof. Jost Wendt,
followed by presentations from eight speakers. There was discussion after each
contribution and a general discussion at the end of the formal presentations. In
addition there were twelve poster presentations with on-location discussion. This
document summarises the presentations and discussions.

A significant number of conclusions were reached about the status of “Toxic Metals
and Fine Particles from Combustion Processes” and the future needs are cited herein.
Members may have further observations and enquiries to contribute. If so, please
forward them to IFRF NET so that they may be publicised to the IFRF Members in

The research topic “ Toxic Metals and Fine Particles from Combustion Processes"
clearly has a strong future. Equally there is great potential for further improvements in
reductions in emissions. The rate of improvement will be accelerated by co-operation
within the IFRF membership.