Like its predecessor in November 2009, this workshop was part of the EDF-IFRF Work-out program “Methodology for the characterization of pulverized coals: the need, the experimental conditions to obtain reliable data” – which started in 2009 and continued during 2010, with both experimental and model validation activities. 

The aim of this particular event was to define the information needed for comprehensive modeling of coal combustion and the techniques and methods to obtain such information.

Agenda items for the one day meeting included an overview of solid fuel characterisation  methods and related modeling issues; presentations by the IFRF team of recent experiences with Isothermal Plug Flow Reactors/Drop tube furnaces.  For the latter, examples of methodologies, uncertainties evaluation, and brand new data will be shown.  Particular attention was devoted to the assessment of experimental uncertainties and of kinetics for coal combustion in comprehensive modeling.  EDF and IFRF also presented recent results on modeling activities on oxy-coal combustion. 

At the link below, the presentations are listed in the order in which they were given.