• Wind Effects presentation – S. Evans, Clean Air Engineering, J. Seebold Chevron (Retiree)

  • Authors: S. Evans



The IFRF’s 17th International Member Conference took place in Maffliers, France between 11 and 13 June 2012 and was attended by some 75 delegates. Around forty papers were accepted for the conference and these were grouped into plenary and parallel sessions which ran over the three days alongside a number of keynote sessions. Two workshops were also held, one entitled “Industrial Flares” chaired by James Seebold of the AFRC, and the other, “Oxy Coal”, chaired by Steve Wilcox of the University of Glamorgan, coordinator of research project RELCOM, Reliable and Efficient Combustion of Oxygen/Coal/Recycled Flue Gas Mixtures, cofunded by the European Commission’s FP7 Research Programme. 

Whilst the presentations pertinent to the RELCOM workshop will appear on the dedicated website at www.relcomeu.com, this website contains all the other presentations delivered over the three days. They have been organised by session.  For a quick overview of the order of events, please see the Conference programme, also available here.