• Weekly Combustion Seminars from the Combustion Institute

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      Lucy Straker

      IFRF Administration & Communication Coordinator

During this unforeseen and difficult time across the world, the Combustion Institute (CI) reported that many of their members had missed the opportunity to interact with each other on a technical basis.

In a bid to re-capture this knowledge exchange platform, a group of CI members, led by Prof. Yiguang Ju from Princeton University, began organising weekly combustion webinars to share research and create an opportunity to learn from each other.

Each webinar is held via Zoom and is open to public.

Topics include:

  • Combustion science beyond crisis
  • New areas in combustion: artificial intelligence, imaging, and hybrids
  • Mechanisms and Occurrence of Detonations in Vapour Cloud Explosions
  • The Future of the Internal Combustion Engine
  • Combustion Technologies for Zero-emission High Efficiency Combustion Engines

If you’d like to have a look at the seminar schedule to see which topics are being discussed and register for one (or more!) of the webinars then click here. They have also shared videos of previous webinars from this series in case you missed a topic of interest. These are also available on the earlier link.