• New European Union industrial strategy contains Clean Hydrogen Alliance initiative

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      Patrick Lavery

      Combustion Industry News Editor

The European Union has released its new industrial strategy, containing a range of themes relevant to the combustion industry. The most direct is a ‘Clean Hydrogen Alliance’ to “accelerate the decarbonisation of industry and maintain industrial leadership”, which is to be followed by an ‘Alliance on Low-Carbon Industries’. Home-grown production of hydrogen (especially via electrolysers) is to be part of the work of the Clean Hydrogen Alliance, as is transport and storage of the gas. It is unclear, though, if the use of hydrogen will be part of the Alliance’s work. The initiative is expected to commence in the European spring, and will be modelled on the delivery of the European Battery Alliance, which involved over 200 companies. Industry groups including Hydrogen Europe and Eurogas have welcomed the news. Other themes which will indirectly be of interest to the combustion industry are measures to protect intellectual property, a review of EU competition rules, the addressing of the “distortive effects caused by foreign subsidies”, and measures to modernise and decarbonise energy-intensive industries, as well as to deliver low-carbon energy.