• Carbon dioxide emissions from electricity production fell 2% in 2019

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      Patrick Lavery

      Combustion Industry News Editor

A report by climate think tank Ember has found that global carbon dioxide emissions from electricity production fell by 2% in 2019, the largest drop since 1990. In Europe, electricity from coal firing reduced by almost a quarter, an astonishing amount, while in the US it fell by a huge 16%, though in China generation from coal increased. Some of the overall reduction was due to a switch to renewables or gas, while mild winters in many countries also contributed. Solar and wind power combined contributed 8% of the world’s entire electricity (up by 15%), with China at 8%, India 9%, the US 11%, and Europe close to 20%. The report found that the 15% growth rate of renewables would have to continue year on year for the goals of the Paris Agreement to be met; though the lead author has claimed that “the answers are all there”, it is doubtful that for very large portions of renewables in the energy mix, they are – yet.