• Megaton: €8bn 4GW green energy park plans for Denmark

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      Greg Kelsall

GreenGo Energy has announced ($8.7bn) plans for a 4GW green energy park in the Ringkøbing-Skjern municipality, Denmark, which is hoped to position the country as a pioneer in the Power-to-X  industry and hydrogen economy.

Set to integrate 4GW of renewable hybrid solar and wind energy and 2GW electrolysis, the energy park will be established at the future Stovstrup 400kV substation at a cost of €8 billion.

Known as ‘Megaton’, the project is anticipated to produce over one million tonnes of green fuels annually, which GreenGo say will make it one of the largest fully integrated energy parks in the world.

A prerequisite of the project is the development of GreenGo’s portfolio of 4,000 hectares of onshore solar and wind projects, together with 2GW of offshore wind projects in Denmark.

Once established, the 4GW of renewable energy projects will produce approximately 11.5TWh of green power annually, which the company says is more than 30% of Denmark’s current total power consumption.

GreenGo has said the energy park and supporting renewable energy projects can be operational ahead of 2030 and therefore contribute to achieving Denmark’s goals of seeing 100% of its power and heat coming from renewables by 2035.

Karsten Nielsen, CEO of GreenGo Energy, said, “with the Megaton project and the development of one of the world’s largest energy parks in Western Jutland, we will once again put Denmark on the world map as a leader in the transition to 100% green power and the green fuels that are necessary to achieve the global climate goals towards 2050.”

Additionally, surplus heat and power from the portfolio of new wind and solar parks are intended to be used for new industries in the industrial area to the south of Megaton.

“The location at the Stovstrup substation is ideal as an existing hub for power transmission with the 400kV expansion, but also in light of the planned hydrogen pipeline to Europe, which is under development and is planned to be established by 2030,” said Anders Heine Jensen, Director of P2X and Offshore Wind at GreenGo.