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      Lucy Straker

      IFRF Administration & Communication Coordinator

The latest paper in the Industrial Combustion Journal is now available to download for free.

Read Jan De Ren, Kurt Kraus, and Christopher Ferguson’s new paper – “A paradigm shift in steam assisted elevated flare systems” here.


Flare combustion technology has evolved over time. Each evolution has been driven by the need to more effectively dispose of flare discharges, meaning increased smokeless combustion in combination with minimum noise generation. Each breakthrough in flaring technology, until recently, presented an incremental evolution in performance.

To create an understanding about past breakthroughs and thought processes, this paper will start with providing an overview of the prior flare generations. Following this historical overview, the paper will introduce a new steam flaring technology, which presents a true paradigm shift. The patent-pending Honeywell UOP Callidus nViroTM-XSR is a fourth generation (4G), elevated steam flare tip which further extends the art of combustion technology by utilizing a fundamentally different approach to the use of steam. The result is a flare tip which reaches an increased smokeless performance by using a minimized amount of steam.

Fourth generation flare combustion achieves improved performance by two fundamental principles: 1) better fuel (flare gas) / air mixing and 2) mixing of steam and flare gas immediately before the point of combustion initiation and before mixing with air.