• EC launch first Horizon Europe calls in climate, energy and mobility cluster

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      Philip Sharman

      IFRF Director

On 24th June, the European Commission (EC) launched its first calls for proposals for energy research and innovation projects under its Horizon Europe programme – the new EU framework programme that succeeds Horizon 2020.

Under Horizon Europe, energy, climate action and mobility research are grouped together into ‘Cluster 5’.  The overarching driver for this cluster is to accelerate the twin green and digital transitions and associated transformation of the EU’s economy, industry and society, with a view to achieving climate neutrality by 2050.  Background information on Cluster 5 can be found here.

The Cluster 5 Work Programme for 2021-2022 (rather confusingly referred to as ‘Work Programme 8’) was the subject of an EC ‘Decision’ a few days earlier and contains information on all of the calls that will be issued during 2021 and 2022.

A total EU funding of €1,216,300 is available for the first Cluster 5 calls launched last week.  These seven calls address some 40 topics relating to energy and have various deadlines from mid-September through to January next year.

Call Reference Topic (number) Type of action Budget available
HORIZON-CL5-2021-D1-01 Climate (9) HORIZON-CSA
136 14/09/21
HORIZON-CL5-2021-D5-01 Mobility (17) HORIZON-CSA
258 14/09/21
HORIZON-CL5-2021-D2-01 Cross-sectoral (16) HORIZON-COFUND
250.5 19/10/21
HORIZON-CL5-2021-D3-01 Energy (4) HORIZON-COFUND
108 19/10/21
HORIZON-CL5-2021-D4-01 Energy (5) HORIZON-IA 66 19/10/21
HORIZON-CL5-2021-D6-01 Transport (13) HORIZON-IA
167 19/10/21
HORIZON-CL5-2021-D3-02 Energy (15) HORIZON-CSA
230.8 05/01/22
TOTAL 1216.3

All funding information and details of how to apply can be found on the EC’s Funding and Tenders Portal, along with a description of the types of ‘actions’.

EC Information Days for Cluster 5 are scheduled for Monday 5th and Tuesday 6th July, with a brokerage event taking place on 7th July – so you will need to move quickly in order to participate in these!