• Calls are open for the Linnaeus Eco-Tech 2020 Conference

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      Lucy Straker

      IFRF Administration & Communication Coordinator

Linnaeus Eco-Tech 2020 is the 12th international conference on natural sciences and technologies for water and wastewater treatment, remediation, emissions related to climate, environmental and economic effects, in Kalmar, Sweden from 23-25 November 2020.

Researchers, scientists and students, professionals from business sector, municipalities and social enterprises, entrepreneurs and authorities from all countries are welcome!

Online registration for the Linnaeus Eco-Tech 2020 conference is now open here.

The organising team of the Eco-Tech conference recommend pre-registering online, free of charge before the end of August 2020.

They will reassess the coronavirus situation after summer and will return with new information regarding conference fees and if the Linnaeus Eco-Tech 2020 will be switched to digital conference, but for now they are planning a physical conference.