• North Dakota coal-fired plant to be kept open by adding carbon capture facility

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      Patrick Lavery

      Combustion Industry News Editor

In a piece of news that sheds light on the relatively supportive tax arrangements in the USA for carbon capture and storage installations, the Coal Creek Station in North Dakota is to be sold by its existing owner Great River Energy to Rainbow Energy Center LLC. In 2020, Great River Energy had announced it planned to close Coal Creek Station in 2022, but would also consider selling the plant; this prompted Rainbow Energy to make a bid. However, to have a strong chance of being able to operate long term, with the state of North Dakota’s goal of reaching carbon neutrality by 2030, Rainbow Energy needed to plan to add a carbon capture facility to the station, and still expect to make a profit. That it could do that is evident in the deal going ahead, and the 1,151MW plant is set to continue to operate, keeping its current workforce. With so many coal-fired plants still in the world today, this piece of news is the type that will need to be heard much more frequently in the coming years if climate goals are to be met in a pragmatic world that still fires some coal.