• Mitsubishi Heavy Industries targeting ammonia, hydrogen, CCS, nuclear and renewables

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      Patrick Lavery

      Combustion Industry News Editor

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ future plans have been outlined by the conglomerate’s energy business head, Kentaro Hosomi. While the company has traditionally relied on coal power stations, shipbuilding and automotive turbochargers, rockets and the defence industry for its revenue, on the energy side the company realises that it needs a great deal of transformation. As Mr Hosomi puts it, “We need real technology innovation. There is a very long road ahead of us…I hope people will acknowledge that decarbonisation doesn’t come overnight.” While Japan is investing heavily in hydrogen technologies, and MHI sees hydrogen as part of its corporate future, Mr Hosomi believes that ammonia is a more economical short-term energy vector, as there is existing infrastructure to ship it globally and it is a liquid at higher temperatures, while it can also be co-fired with coal and gas in existing power plants. Apart from hydrogen and ammonia, MHI will also pursue carbon capture and storage and, presumably, nuclear power, given that Mr Hosomi sees it as “a must” for Japan, with its topography.