• Germany to add financial incentives for CCUS for raw materials industries

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      Patrick Lavery

      Combustion Industry News Editor

The Germany Ministry of Economy and Energy is to institute a subsidy programme for carbon dioxide capture, utilisation and storage for the ‘raw materials’ industry to begin in May this year. Such raw materials are typically those extracted by mining or harvesting processes, and the types of technology and infrastructure that will be supported are for transport and storage to the North Sea, direct air capture technology, and bioenergy with CCS. As a measure of expectation, the ministry has set a budget for subsidies of €105 million (US$127 million) for 2021, and then €120 million/year (US$145 million) until 2025. The hope is that the subsidies will make investment by the private sector palatable, driving the cost of future investment down so that technologies become more viable on their own terms.