• France to close Havre power plant by April 2021

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      Patrick Lavery

      Combustion Industry News Editor

France’s energy ministry has announced that the Havre coal-fired power plant is to close on 1 April next year, in line with the government’s plan to end coal firing in the country by the close of 2022. Only 2.94 GW of capacity remains operating in France, the Havre plant constituting 580 MW of it; two other 580 MW units at Cordemais are planned to be converted to fire biomass, while the Emile Huchet 6 and Provence 5 plants, constituting 1200 MW together, seem destined for closure by the end of 2022. The end of coal firing in France has not met with as much attention as the planned ends in the UK or in Germany, mostly because it has long comprised only a small fraction of France’s total capacity, most being nuclear.