• C-Capture appoints Tom White new CEO

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      Patrick Lavery

      Combustion Industry News Editor

UK-based C-Capture has appointed a new CEO, Tom White, who will end his tenure at oilfield services company BadrEOR in Oman to make the move. C-Capture has projects ongoing with Drax and other major companies in the UK, and Mr White brings experience with enhanced oil recovery as well as business development to the role. Speaking of his new company, Mr White said “C-Capture’s novel solvent technology is viable on a large scale and offers a safe, low-cost way to remove carbon dioxide from emissions sources such as power stations, cement and steel works. When coupled with sustainably sourced biofuels, C-Capture is able to achieve carbon-negative power, which is revolutionary. The time for large scale deployment of CCS is now and C-Capture’s solution represents a step change in performance and existing technologies.”