• DVN GL survey shows oil and gas industry’s interest and involvement in hydrogen quickly increasing

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      Patrick Lavery

      Combustion Industry News Editor

A survey of over 1000 oil and gas professionals by international industry services company DNV GL has revealed interesting insights into how the sector sees the future of hydrogen as an energy vector. It found that 52% of respondents expect hydrogen will become a significant part of the energy mix by 2030, with 21% saying their companies had already entered the market. The consensus amongst respondents was that industry and governments need to collaborate to grow the market, with “proving safety, developing infrastructure, scaling carbon capture and storage technology and incentivizing value chains through policy” amongst the immediate aspects on which to work. In what DNV GL rightly describes as a “surge up the priority list”, the number of companies intending to invest in the market has risen from 20% to 42% in a single year, with 60% of companies in the survey actively adapting to a less carbon-intensive energy mix (up from 44% in 2018). From its in-depth survey, DNV GL finds that oil and gas companies see hydrogen as “a central component” to decarbonization efforts, which certainly does give the sense that it is a solution on the rise. Those respondents believing that the elemental gas will form a significant part of the energy mix were slightly higher in the Middle-East, Asia-Pacific and Europe (all above 50%) than in North America (40%) and Latin America (37%). The survey was conducted before the COVID-19 crisis began.