• British Airways chases sustainable aviation fuels as KLM completes first passenger flight

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      Patrick Lavery

      Combustion Industry News Editor

In a move in keeping with its decarbonisation plans, British Airways has announced it will invest in LanzaJet, a Georgia, US-based company that is currently building a sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) plant. The news comes just after KLM announced that it had operated the world’s first passenger flight partly fuelled by SAF, which will be encouraging news to airline operators across the world. LanzaJet uses bio-ethanol to produce sustainable aviation fuel; generally, such fuels aim to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 80% compared to conventional jet fuels. BA expects to use SAF in commercial flights in late 2022, and as part of its investment in LanzaJet there has been an agreement that a production plant could be established in the UK. BA’s owner, IAG, expects to invest US$400 million in SAF over the next 20 years.