• Bellona calls on Nordic governments to set framework for direct removal of GHGs from atmosphere

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      Patrick Lavery

      Combustion Industry News Editor

Norwegian environmental organisation Bellona has led an industrial consortium in requesting the Norwegian government to work with their counterparts in Sweden and Finland to establish a policy framework to incentivise direct removal of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. The request comes in the context of the recognised need for ‘negative emissions’ technologies in order to avert the worst of climate change, and Bellona and its associates see the growing of biomass for industrial use, as well as direct air capture of carbon dioxide as being able to fall under the same policy framework. They also argue that the governments should set targets for emissions to be taken from the atmosphere in addition to their existing emissions reductions targets. As one of the partners put it, an “obvious weakness in today’s climate instruments is that they do not facilitate the capture and storage of carbon dioxide from the incineration of biological waste. The climate impact of preventing these emissions is as strong as capturing and storing fossil greenhouse gases.” With Norway being a world leader in carbon capture and storage, as well as having relatively plentiful supplies of renewable energy and land, there is a strong case for such a framework, and it may just set an example that becomes more broadly adopted.