• BECCS identified as a necessary component of reaching UK net-zero target

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      Patrick Lavery

      Combustion Industry News Editor

The UK’s Climate Change Committee, the independent non-departmental public body, has released its sixth carbon budget, in doing so including ‘negative emissions’ through bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS) in all five of its 2050 net-zero scenarios. It stated that by “2035 the UK should be using bioenergy — largely grown in the UK — with CCS to deliver engineered removals of CO2 at scale”, which would mark a shift in biomass supply to the UK, as much is currently imported. While the supply side will need to change (the report states that biomass imports “can be phased out by 2050 if UK supplies of forestry and perennial energy crops are expanded significantly”), BECCS itself must be more fully developed, as the technology is only in trial stages at present, with Drax running two pilot projects.