• How do I sponsor a Combustion File?

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1. Background to Combustion File Sponsorship

The IFRF Handbook comprises a series of short Combustion Files prepared by individual IFRF Members or other invited authors from the world wide combustion community. Although the IFRF Handbook Editorial Board commissions new Combustion Files, the time-cost of writing them falls on the authors. Therefore the author’s employer or organization is normally regarded as the ‘Sponsor’ of such Combustion Files. To recognize this support, the Sponsor’s Logo is incorporated into the top right hand side of the Combustion File Title Frame when displayed as an HTML web document, and a link is provided to the Sponsor’s web site or email address if required and/or available.

2. How do I become a sponsor

Any organisation providing time for it’s staff member to prepare a Combustion File is automatically regarded as the Sponsor of that file.

There may be occasions when Organisations would like to see a combustion file prepared on a specific topic, but they are unable to identify a member of their own staff with the expertise or resources to prepare it. In such cases, a third party author may be invited to prepare the Combustion File.

An organisation paying a third party to prepare a Combustion File on its behalf is regarded as the Sponsor of that Combustion File. The third party author may be contracted directly to the sponsoring organisation, or alternatively, the Sponsor may approach the IFRF to find a technical author on its behalf. In the latter case, the Sponsor’s representative will be given the opportunity to comment on the Combustion File before it is published.

3. How do I set sponsorship in motion

Contact the Handbook Editorial Team at handbook@ifrf.net to discuss your requirements.