• How do I request a new Combustion File?

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1. Combustion Files


The IFRF Handbook takes advantage of its Web medium by publishing material as a series of short Combustion Files as and when they become available from authors and referees.

The Combustion Files may be accessed through:

  • A set of virtual filing cabinets
    (click on ‘Filing System’ on the Handbook’s side bar), or;

  • By using the in-built search engine (click on ‘Search Combustion Files’).

The advantage of the Combustion File approach is that new material can be published quickly, and that it is always possible to update or add additional material.

The disadvantage is that there may be gaps in the population of combustion files just where a particular user needs some information. This is particularly true as we build up our initial portfolio of Combustion Files covering (a) particular technical topics.

Users of the IFRF Combustion Handbook are invited to tell the editorial team of gaps that they have identified, and to discuss the options for filling them. The routes to get in touch with the Editors are outlined in section 2.

How can a User obtain technical information prior to the publication of a new Combustion File?

Of course, producing a new Combustion File takes time. IFRF Members requiring more immediate advice in a particular area of combustion not currently covered by the Handbook also have access to the IFRF’s Members Expertise Exchange at:


·         There users find which Individual Members have the appropriate expertise. On the left-hand sidebar they can click the ‘Find Expertise’ and use the search utility through which they can directly identify individuals and organizations having the expertise and knowledge to help.

·         Alternatively they can enter their question in the Technical Advice Bureau – Click on ‘Advice Bureau’ and fill in details of their requirement.

With this last system, we pass on their question to the IFRF’s Editorial Board and ensure that the user receives the answer.

2. How do I request a new Combustion File?

Users unable to find the information they are seeking in a Combustion File and wishing to propose the preparation of an additional Combustion File are invited to notify the IFRF Handbook editorial team using:

Direct Communication


This email address allows you to contact the Handbook editorial team directly and non-publicly to outline your query and explore the options for satisfying your needs from the existing Combustion Files, or commissioning an additional file.