Vienna University of Technology (TUW)

TUW offers one installations: Fischer Tropsch Synthesis (FTS)
In Austria the dual fluidised steam gasification technology is demonstrated at the biomass CHP Güssing since 2002 very successful. The size of the plant is 8MW fuel input, 2MW electricity output and 4.5MW heat output.
Here also other usages of the synthesis gas are invetigated like the FTS. The main advantae is, that here synthesis gas form biomass is used for the FTS and so experiments with “real” synthesis gas can be done.

Mail Address

Getreidemarkt 9/166; 1060 Vienna; Austria

Visiting Address

Technikum Güssing; Wiener Strasse 49; 7540 Güssing;


+43 676 3639381


+43 1 58801 15999


Name/Number Location Operating Pressure Orientation
BRISK 27.1 Fischer Tropsch Synthesis Austria HIGH_PRESSURE VERTICAL


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