University of Zaragoza (UNIZAR)

UNIZAR offers three installations:

1. Biomass Commercial-Scale Gasification Plant (UNIZAR DG)
The 600 kg/h air gasification plant is a commercial-scale downdraft plant developed in collaboration with a private company (TAIM-WESER, Spain). The total output capacity for the plant is 750 kW, yielding up to 1 kWe and 2 kWth per kg of biomass fed. This gasification plant constitutes a unique landmark among biomass gasification technologies worldwide, since it is a fully developed biomass gasification plant at a commercial scale currently under operation and supplying with power to the Spanish electrical network system.

2. Biomass Pilot Scale Fluidized Bed Plant (UNIZAR PFBG)
The pilot-scale fluidized-bed gasification plant has been designed and constructed by the GPT, with a clear aim at achieving complete versatility in feeding different biomass feedstocks or any other valuable residues, including MSW or sewage sludge, among others. Thus, special attention and efforts have been devoted to the feeding system, which have yielded in the development, design of construction of a series of several exchangeable feeders that enable full flexibility with respect to the feedstock to be input in the installation.

3. Hydrothermal Processing Plants (APR)
The Aqueous Phase Reforming (APR) process constitutes an alternative approach to the conventional technologies for upgrading biomass and other related residues and feedstocks to second generation biofuels. The main advantage of this process lies on its versatility regarding the feed, enabling the processing of different liquid feedstocks, including biofuels (e.g. bio-oil from biomass pyrolysis) or any residual biomass waste stream containing valuable organics, from glycerol (by-product from biodiesel production), through algae, black liquors (by-product from the pulp and papermaking industry) or cheese whey, regardless the water content of the feed.
The main product is a valuable syngas that may be converted through catalytic processes in different high-added value chemicals, fuels and commodities.

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Name/Number Location Operating Pressure Orientation
BRISK 29.1 Biomass Gasfier (Commercial Scale) Spain ATMOSPHERIC VERTICAL TOP
BRISK 29.2 Fluidised Bed Gasifier PFBG Spain ATMOSPHERIC VERTICAL
BRISK 29.3 Hydrothermal Processing APR Spain ATMOSPHERIC HORIZONTAL