The WOB Bubbling Fluidized Bed reactor is a multi-purpose reactor for gasification, combustion and pyrolysis of approximately 1 kg/h fuel. The reactor can be electrically heated to as high as 1100°C and can be fluidized with air, steam, oxygen, nitrogen or other gases. The temperature can be controlled independently of air supply. It is a very flexible reactor that is being used for many types of research and with many feedstocks. It is equipped with dual fuel feeding system to be able to make fuel mixtures. Standard gas analyses include H2, CO, CO2, CH4. It is connected to OLGA tar cleaning and further gas cleaning to remove sulphur, chlorine, etc. These reactors can be hired if needed (not included).

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Name/Number Location Operating Pressure Orientation
BRISK 18.1 BFB Gasifier Netherlands the ATMOSPHERIC VERTICAL
BRISK 18.2 BFB Combustor Netherlands the ATMOSPHERIC VERTICAL
BRISK 18.3 BFB Pyrolyser Netherlands the ATMOSPHERIC VERTICAL