• TOTeM 48: Hydrogen for decarbonisation

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    October 2022


TOTeM 48: ‘Hydrogen for industrial decarbonisation' was a one-day event in Paris, France on 13th October 2022.

The event was held in co-operation with Comité Français – the French Flame Research Committee of IFRF. We were grateful for the support for this event from GRTGaz, Siemens, Air Liquide, Thermo Fischer Scientific and Alliance ALLICE. The event was also an official side event of the European Hydrogen Week 2022.


08:30 Registration and refreshment
09:00 Opening: Sébastien Caillat – IFRF Vice President
09:07 Welcome: Lucie Prost and Catherine Vivier – Air Liquide
09:15 Session one – Chair: Clement Mirat – EM2C
Keynote European and French H₂ strategiesTudor Florea – French Ministry of Ecological Transition
09:35 Oxy-hydrogen based combustion for energy-intensive glass melting – Abou Bâ, Niomar Marcano, Jean Caudal, Xavier Paubel, Luc Jarry – Air Liquide
09:55 Oxyfuel Combustion with Hydrogen in the Steel, Non-Ferrous, and Glass Industries Joachim von Schéele – Linde
10:15 Fast poster session – Chair: Lorella Palluotto – GRTGaz
P01 Soot production in high pressure inverse diffusion flames with enriched oxygen in the oxidizer stream – Peng Liu, Carson Chu, Ibrahim Alsheikh, Sreenivasa R. Gubba, Saumitra Saxena, Obulesu Chatakonda, Jeffrey W. Kloosterman, Fengshan Liu, William L. Roberts – KAUST / Air Products, Dhahran / Air Products and Chemicals, Pennsylvania / Metrology Research Centre, NRC Canada
P02 400 kW Pilot Plant Evaluation of Hydrogen Burners for Heating of LKABs Straight Grate Iron Ore Pellets Induration PlantsChristian Fredriksson, Fredrik Normann – LKAB, Luleå
P03 Oxycombustion of (CH₄ – H₂) fuel blends up to full hydrogen oxyflamesClément Guiberteau, David Honoré, Niomar Marcano, Armelle Cessou, Rémi Tsiava – CNRS CORIA / Air Liquide
P04 Mild combustion of ammonia-hydrogen mixturesGiancarlo Sorrentino, Giovanni Battista Ariemma, Pino Sabia, Raffaele Ragucci, Mara de Joannon STEMS-CNR, Napoli / DICMAPI, Napoli
P05 Numerical and experimental study of ammonia/hydrogen/nitrogen flames in a downsized model gas turbine burnerHéctor José Vargas Ruiz, Yan Goncalo Da Silva, Eleonore Riber, Laurent Gicquel, Davide Laera, Marianne Cuif-Sjostrand, Claude Prébendé, Mario Ditaranto – CERFACS / TotalEnergies / SINTEF ENERGY
P06 The impact of hydrogen as a fuel additive on the formation of soot precursors and particles in atmospheric laminar premixed flames of methaneHong Quan Do, Alessandro Faccinetto, Luc-Sy Tran, Laurent Gasnot, Abderrahman El Bakali & Xavier Mercier – CNRS PC2A
P07 Experimental and modelling study of hydrogen ignition in CO₂ bath gas – James M. Harman-Thomas, Touqeer Anwar Kashif, Kevin J. Hughes, Mohamed Pourkashanian, Aamir Farooq – Energy 2050, Univ. Sheffield / KAUST
P08 Consequence analysis related to safety in the production, transport and utilization of hydrogenJennifer X Wen – University of Warwick
P09 Effect of thermal radiation in flame structure and laminar burning velocity of 1D hydrogen/air flames diluted with steamJulie Ben Zenou, Ronan Vicquelin – CNRS EM2C
P10 Influence of H₂ and H₂-blends on NOx-emissions of a cold air high-velocity burner in flame and flameless operationLukas Sankowski, Christopher Wünning, Nico Schmitz, Herbert Pfeifer – RWTH Aachen University
P11 High pressure combustion of ammonia blends in an industrial model burnerMario Ditaranto, Inge Saanum, Karl-Johan Nogenmyr – SINTEF Energy Trondheim / Siemens Energy, Finspång
P12 Adding bulk hydrogen supply to an industrial combustion labMark Hannum – Fives North American Combustion
P13 Stabilisation of low-NOx hydrogen flames on a dual swirl coaxial injectorMaxime Leroy, Clément Mirat, Antoine Renaud, Ronan Vicquelin – CNRS EM2C
P14 Using system simulation for better design and integration of electrolyzer systemsPatrice Montaland, Benoit Honel – Siemens Digital Industries Software, Lyon
P15 Possibilities for co-combustion of hydrogen and coal in rotary kilns for iron ore pellets indurationSamuel Colin, Fredrik Normann, Christian Fredriksson, Klas Andersson – Chalmers UT, Göteborg / LKAB, Luleå
10:40 Break and poster session
11:10 Session two – Chair: Jennifer Wen – University of Warwick
Keynote Subtleties and complexities of hydrogen combustion Heinz Pitsch – RWTH Aachen University
11:35 Modelisation and CFD simulation of turbulent hydrogen combustionQuentin Douasbin – Cerfacs
11:55 Specificity of NO formation routes in H₂ combustionNathalie Lamoureux – CNRS PC2A Lille
12:15 Enabling hydrogen-based combustion with physics-informed data-driven modelsAlessandro Parente – Université Libre de Bruxelles
12:35 Lunch
14:00 Session three – Chair: Mark Hannum – Fives Group
Keynote Hydrogen for industrial process heating: challenges and opportunitiesJörg Leicher – GWI Essen
14:25 A heat transfer modelling study of hydrogen flames in the iron ore pelletization processElias Ehlmé, Adrian Gunnarsson, Klas Andersson, Fredrik Normann – Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg
14:45 Hydrogen as fuel for heating processes; what are the challenges and the future? – Sander Gersen, Berthil Slim, Remco Zeijlmaker – DNV Groningen
15:05 On the transition of some turbulent flames towards hydrogen combustionDavid Honoré – CNRS CORIA
15:25 Break and poster session
15:55 Round table: From production to end usage, safety approach of new fuels
Moderators: Lorella Palluotto – GRTGaz & Sébastien Caillat – Fives Stein
Jennifer Wen – University of Warwick Vincent Blanchetière – GRTgaz RICE
Benjamin Truchot – Ineris Nicolas Groues – McPhy
17:15 Closing talk: David Honoré CNRS CORIA / CF IFRF Vice President
17:30 End of the day


You can see all the presentations from the event at this Google Drive link. 

You can see all of the pictures from the event at this Google Drive link. 

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