• TOTeM 30 “Computational Fluid Dynamics – Simulation of Combustion Processes”

  • Publication date:

    December 2007


The Summary of TOTeM30 – IFRF Doc D121/y/19 – Livorno, Dec 2008, can be downloaded as a single pdf document by clicking on the title within the box. This leads to a screen indicating title, publication date with credits. The document can be downloaded by clicking on the pdf icon, read on screen, saved to your archives or printed directly.

Below this first box, the presentations made during TOTeM30 are listed in boxes, section by section, in the order presented in the Summary report. These presentations are also made available as pdfs, again by clicking on the Title and so forth.

In two presentations (2.2 and 2.4) associated movie demos were made as shown in relevant presentation summary screens. These movies also can be downloaded by clicking on the file icon, saved to disk or played directly on screen using your default media player.