• TOTeM 28 “Mercury, trace metals and fine particulates – Issues and solutions”

  • Publication date:

    June 2006



As with all IFRF Topic Oriented Technical Meetings, TOTeM 28 united individual IFRF Members and invited guests in a workshop discussion around a topic rather than a technical discipline with a view to identifying Member needs and channeling the IFRF Members’ Research Programme and other R&D activities more closely in line with them.

Chairman Jost Wendt of the University of Utah presided over the topic Mercury, Trace Metals and Fine Particulates in an effort to define:

– Current issues
– The current state of technology
– Technical barriers, gaps

and to determine:

– Future issues
– Future technical issues
– Where current work is being done
– Who and where the key players are
– The respective roles of industry, government, academia, and industrial organizations, such as the IFRF and AFRC
– What R&D initiatives could be taken