• TOTeM 15 – “Ash and Deposit Formation in Utility Boilers”

  • Publication date:

    June 2000


Totem 15 "Ash and Deposit Formation in Utility Boilers" provided an up-to-date review of several aspects of ash and deposit formation in utility boilers, provided by a world-wide suite of internationally recognized experts in this research area.

Thus in summary, Totem15, dealt with all aspects of ash and deposit formation, i.e. fuel preparation/blending, ash sampling, deposit probe measurements, ash fusibility tests, fuel and ash analysis and characterization techniques, modelling/predictive techniques etc.. The fuels considered ranged from biomass (straw) to coal (low- as well as high-rank coals, and blends of these), but also aspects of firing orimulsion, sewage sludge and waste was addressed. The technologies covered included, grates, fluidized beds, suspension fired burners and cement kilns.