• Industrial Combustion – The Developing Role of IFRF

  • Publication date:

    April 2001


In each period of three years - Triennial - the IFRF undertakes a continuing survey of the future technical information requirements of its Member Organisations.

The supervision of this activity is the responsibility of the Deputy Superintendent of Research - DS0R, one of the Senior Officers of the IFRF and a Member of the IFRF Board of Directors - the Joint Committee.

The last triennial covered the years 1998-2000. During this period, the DSoR was Tsuneaki Nakamura.

Tsuneaki Nakamura reported his findings in a presentation to the 13th IFRF Members Conference held in Noordwijkerhout in May 2001, followed up by the publication of his conclusion in November 2001.

Based on this information the Joint Committee determined its technical goals for the new Triennial.

Further, in co-operation with the new DSoR, Prof. Hartmut Spliethof, the Joint Committee agreed the strategy to be followed for

  • The development of the Programmes to be undertaken within the present Triennial, 2001-2003,

  • The determination of medium- and long-term technical goals of the IFRF Member Organisations.

This project was completed in an open statement published on 14th January 2002 in the Monday Night Mail.

The relevant documents are published below.