• Fluidized Bed Combustion as a Risk-Related Technology a Scope of some Potential Problems

  • Authors: J. Y. Hristov
  • Publication date:

    December 2002


This paper addresses the risk-related problems of fluidised bed combustion (FBC). The scope concerns the following areas:

* Fluidised bed combustion (incineration) as a risk-minimization technology for toxic and hazardous materials as well as for industrial and municipal wastes
* Hazard and relevant problems with various bulk materials during the preliminary treatment and storage in different handling facilities for fluidised bed combustion
* Operational problems of the process itself, such as sintering, fouling, erosion, corrosion, effects of fuel blend constituents on the emission, etc. and their effect on the equipment.
* Operational hazards and common start-up failures in fluidised bed combustion
* Fluidised bed emissions, both air-pollutions and ashes and the process performance effects on them mainly concerning the trace metal vitalisation and risk with the ash re-use.