• IFRF at 70 booklet

  • Authors: Philip Sharman
  • Publication date:

    December 2018


As part of our 70th  anniversary celebrations, we have been delving into the IFRF archive to highlight key reports, presentations and journal papers and linking them to  current and future challenges in the industrial combustion field. To guide us through this treasure-trove of material, we have invited some familiar faces from IFRF’s past and present (Investigators, Officers, Joint Committee or Council members) to share their perspectives and point us towards some of the most significant outputs from IFRF’s flame research heritage.

Some of these perspectives are based on particular periods of time in IFRF’s seven decades of research activity, others are on particular research challenges that link across the decades and remain relevant to combustion researchers today.

We hope that you enjoy travelling back through time in the company of our various ‘guides’ until you ‘arrive’ back at IFRF’s origins in 1948 to mark the year of our foundation.

  • Research: Archive