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Zeeco Europe’s  European headquarters are located in Stamford, Rutland, United Kingdom (UK), and includes Zeeco offices in Germany, Poland, France, and Italy. Zeeco Europe offers end-to-end combustion and environmental systems for the refinery, production, petrochemical, LNG, power, pharmaceutical, marine and offshore, and biogas industries. We design and manufacture low-NOx, and ultra-low NOx process burners, power burners, and package burners onsite in the UK. Our complete flaring systems include liquid flares, utility flares, offshore flares, ground flares, and flare stacks. For Zeeco’s marine and offshore division, we offer thermal oxidisers (incinerators), and flare gas recovery (FGR) or vapour recovery systems (VRUs).

 We also provide full service and aftermarket parts, as well as a full instrument and controls group that provides complete in house solutions and Instruments support for our combustion products:
1. Data sheets of all instruments along with P&IDs
2. Controls Panels for flare, burners, and other products
3. Fuel gas skids as NFPA 85 and EN-746-2
4. BMS / CCS PLC as per EN-746-2 and NFPA-85
5. C&E charts and logic diagram
6. Complete controls  engineering and instrumentation support
7. SIL calculation and review

For more information, visit www.zeeco.com .

The Zeeco Europe parent company is an IFRF Member Organisation via the American Flame Research Committee (AFRC)