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      Neil Fricker

We would like to inform our readers about the following forums that may interest you this coming November:

  • “Forum on Carbon Abatement for Fossil Fuels”
    organised by the UK Advanced Power Generation Technology Forum.
  • “Energy Demand Spiralling Out of Control”
    organised by the Energy Management Group, UK Institute of Physics

Meanwhile, FINBIO is announcing for a call of paper – “Bioenergy in Wood Industry”.  Deadline for receipt of abstract: 15 December 2004.

For details, see below.


“Forum on Carbon Abatement for Fossil Fuels”
DTI Conference Centre, London, UK
25 November 2004

The UK Government has recognised that the scale of the issues presented by global warming needs a new initiative for the development of power generation technologies. It has also recognised that fossil fuels will continue to play a significant role in power generation, both in the UK and abroad, for many decades to come. However, it is clear that ways must be found for reducing their CO2 emissions in an acceptable manner. Consequently many countries, including the UK, Germany, Australia, Canada and the USA, are addressing the issue and developing/ implementing technology strategies for fossil fuels that focus on carbon abatement as a key part of policies on global warming.

The UK Advanced Power Generation Technology Forum (APGTF) provides the focus for the Power Generation sector in the UK on the research and development activities on fossil fuel, including biomass and waste, and associated technologies including carbon sequestration. Currently, it is working with the UK Government to help define a national carbon abatement technology strategy. The APGTF members are also involved in developing a similar EU approach and are co-operating with the US through links with the US Department of Energy.

The APGTF is organising this workshop to:

  • To present a UK perspective for RD&D for carbon abatement in power generation from fossil fuels (to include advanced technologies, CO2 capture and CO2 storage)
  • To identify key national/international activities relevant to the UK’s proposed approach
  • To discuss its implementation and to identify the costs and benefits to the UK
  • To indicate the immediate priorities for a UK carbon abatement technology programme

For further information, you can follow the link below:


Also, they would like to inform you that the report on the Global Watch CCS Mission to Australia is now available on APGTF website:



“Energy Demand – Spiralling Out of Control?”
Institute of Physics, London
17th November 2004

The Energy Management Group of the UK Institute of Physics has arranged this seminar to focus attention on the increasingly urgent energy demand situation both in the UK and across the world. The International Energy Agency has recently noted that global economic expansion is driving the biggest increase in oil demand for 16 years. The ‘black gold’ as oil is often referred to is indeed at a premium. There is higher than expected demand in industrialised countries including the US and China’s booming economy has created a huge demand boost. The Chinese energy demand is up 20 percent over the last year and it is anticipated this will continue for several years.

In the morning session we will be looking at the larger demand picture with Professor Ian Fells leading off and looking at the situation post 2050. Then Simon Griew of National Grid Transco will review the gas and electricity situation over the next ten years with Chris Lambert of the Adam Smith Institute considering energy demand and its link to GDP and prosperity. In the afternoon session we will narrow it down with Christine Bickerstaff of Airbus discussing aviation energy demands, Simon Roberts of Arup on surface transport energy demand and Peter Warburton also of Arup on energy demand in housing.

Given that PriceWaterhouseCoopers in their 2004 global survey indicated that demand is already outstripping supply worldwide and that there is increasing evidence of volatility in international supply markets with the Russian oil company Yukos at one stage on the edge of bankruptcy and Iraq the second largest oil exporter in the world being subject to increasing sabotage of its oil exports, the stage is set for a world wide struggle over the next decade between supply and demand.

For furher details, follow the link below:



Call for Paper

“BioEnergy in Wood Industry”
Jyväskylä, Finland
12th – 15th Septeber 2005

Deadline for Receipt of Abstract: 15th December 2004

The Wood Industry is a big actor in the bioenergy sector. The industry is a big biofuel producer for the market and biofuel users. The conference is held 12th to 15th September 2005 in connection with the International Bioenergy and Wood Exhibition in Jyväskylä, Finland.

The Conference will focus on the factors affecting the future of the bioenergy opportunities in fuel production, heating and power production in wood industry. The topics are timber felling wood residues as fuel, industrial by-products as biofuel, by-product refining to pellets and their use for heating and power production in the wood industry. Also emission trading will be one topic. Technical excursions will be held after the conference. Bioenergy 2003 with over 600 participants was organised by FINBIO.

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