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Vattenfall to build CO2-free coal-fired demo station

Source: Modern Power Systems Magazine, 19th May 2005
Submitted by Roger Dudill

Swedish energy group Vattenfall has unveiled plans to build the world’s first carbon dioxide-free coal-fired facility.

The 30 MWt plant will be developed next door to the Schwarze Pumpe coal-fired station near Spremberg in Brandenburg, Germany, and Vattenfall plans to invest some €40 million in the project. The lignite-fired plant will be operated using pure oxygen and recycled carbon dioxide firing – so called oxyfuel technology – and the carbon dioxide formed in the combustion process will then be undiluted enough to be readily separated and stored, most likely in underground caves. Initially the plant will be a combustion-only facility. Connection to a heat load or a generator may be contemplated at a later date.

The plant is expected to begin operation in 2008. The project is being conducted in collaboration with leading research institutes at German universities.